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What to Post on Social Media – Detailed guide with examples

Spending time researching what to post on social media?

Businesses can now stop wasting time creating content that gets cricket. This guide will provide you with a toolbox full of inspiration to create (with minimal hassle) engaging social media content that boosts awareness, increases interaction (up to 2x), and ultimately drives business growth (guaranteed).

Get ready to:

  • Ditch the content rut and conquer those pesky idea blocks.
  • Craft result-proven content that keeps your audience glued to your Facebook, Instagram, X, YouTube, and beyond.
  • Turn followers into loyal brand ambassadors with powerful engagement strategies.

Creative Content Posts

1. ‘I Made This’ Showcasing Posts

Step into the spotlight and flaunt your latest masterpiece: share a glimpse of your creativity and invite your audience to join in the admiration or even showcase their DIY triumphs.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

2. Asking for Suggestions Type Posts

Why brainstorm alone when you can tap into the collective genius of your community? Throw open the doors to ideas, inviting your followers to shape the future of your content with their input and suggestions. Bonus point: it makes your audience feel valued – a part of something special.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

3. Intriguing and Interesting Posts

Don’t be afraid to dive into the extraordinary and stirring intrigue with captivating tales, mind-blowing facts or questions that ignite curiosity and challenge the norm. This is one guaranteed path to ensure every scroll through your feed is an adventure.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

4. Valuable Resources List Type Posts

Businesses can use this type of posts to become the go-to authority in their niche. The mission is straightforward: Curate a trove of resources, tools, and recommendations with indispensable insights and help that can empower people.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

5. Post About Events

From virtual soirees to real world rendezvous, shine the spotlight on upcoming events be it your business’ or another that’s relevant. Make a post that highlights perks, showcase stunning visuals, and beckon people to RSVP and partake in the festivities. Also, share your candid opinion about an event even if it borders on controversial.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

6. Ask for Referrals

Who says you can’t do Word of mouth marketing in the digital space? Of course you can! You just need to ask. Rally your loyal fans using compelling visual or copy posts to recommend their favorite product, services your business offers to their family, friends, and network.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

7. Share Tips

The premise is simple: share bit-sized tips, tricks, and hacks tailored to the needs of your audience’s needs. Any type of media format can be utilized to transform your feed into a fountain of knowledge.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

8. Rant-Style Posts

Afraid this is counterproductive? No – on the contrary, it humanizes your brand. So, here necessary, release the floodgates of passion with unfiltered rants or raves on topics appropriate to your brand and followership. Don’t make it a monologue – invite people to join in and share their own perspective.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

9. Memes/Satire Posts

Let’s face it: most people want to be entertained on social media and you can use memes or satirical posts that tickle the funny bong. But there is a catch: ensure they resonate with your audience thus turning into a smile inducing relationship.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

10. Weekly Discussions

Set the stage for lively discussions with weekly dives into trending topics, industry insights, or community conundrums to build connection and camaraderie among your followers. X Space, as well as Instagram Live, Facebook, YouTube Lives are excellent platforms to get you started.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

Answer a Question

11. Host #AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Open the floodgates to curiosity and invite your audience to pick your brain with an AMA session. Whether it’s about your expertise, personal journey, or even your favorite pizza toppings.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

12. Answer Publicly a Frequently Asked question

Step up and put an end to the mystery by providing answers to burning questions people are asking about your business, niche, or societal issues. The ideas are endless: from demystifying your brand’s policies to unraveling industry argon, provide clear and concise answers to build trust among your followers.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

Ask a Question

13. Ask for Recommendations

Sometimes, the best advice comes from the people – your audience or those you follow online. Pose questions on your handle seeking recommendation on products, services, travel destinations, books, or anything. This will not only be a great conversation starter but allows you to tap into a wealth of real world experiences.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

14. Ask for Testimonials

Testimonials are awesome social proof that can be the deciding factor between someone choosing you over your competitor. Strategically – at intervals, share positive customer experiences or testimonials about your brand, product, or services. This social proof builds trust, credibility within your community and demonstrates the value you provide.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

15. Ask About Current Events

The world is constantly buzzing with news and events – don’t be left out. Ask relevant questions to spark discussions on trending topics – this helps in keeping the connection with your audience strong.

Example 1    Example 2

16. Ask What Is Your Fans’ Favorite

Everyone loves talking about the things they are passionate about – so it’s time to turn the table and let your audience shine. Here’s a quick idea: conduct a fun poll asking people about their favorite offer from our brand, books, movies, or anything else that ignites their enthusiasm. This lighthearted engagement reveals interesting preferences and allows you to connect with them on a more personal level.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

17. Post a “Would You Rather” Question

Get your audience’s mind racing with a thought – provoking question that challenges them to choose in a dilemma. The result? Lively engagements, intriguing preferences, and fun.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

18. Post an “If You Could” Question

The goal is to spark imagination and creativity with hypothetical scenarios. This post encourages your audience to dream big, air their opinion, and let loose their imaginations. The possibilities are endless and this approach can reveal fascinating aspirations and propel profound conversations.

Example 1   Example 2

19. Ask a Philosophical Question

Occasionally, go beyond the surface and encourage introspection. The question should inspire deep thinking and contemplation and can range from sustainable living to emerging technologies. One thing is sure: these thought-provokers can lead to meaningful discourse and a greater understanding of people’s values and perspectives.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

20. Ask a Lifestyle Question

Gain valuable insights into your audience’s world with targeted questions about their lifestyle preferences and habits. Their responses can help you tailor your content strategy to better resonate with their interests.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

21. Ask “What Was Your First” Question

Evoke a sense of nostalgia and storytelling with questions about memorable first experiences and catch your feed buzz with engagement and reach. The best part is you can keep it simple: ask about their first job, their first date, their first experience with your brand, etc. what this type of posts does is it elicits fond reminiscing, fosters bonding, and allows you to get to know your audience on a more personal level.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

22.Post a Survey

Surveys help you gather valuable feedback and intel for informed decisions. While it is possible to conduct surveys on any topic, keep it relevant to your audience and band.

Example 1   Example 2    Example 3

Post Company News

23. Share What’s New In Your Company

Fresh updates are like gold on social media so don’t leave your audience in the dark. Announce exciting new developments, product lunches, or upcoming events with a sense of anticipation using compelling copy and stunning visuals.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

24. Share Photos from Company’s events

Give your followers a taste of the positive energy at your company events by sharing captivating photos and videos that capture the essence of the occasion – the laughter, the excitement, the connections being made. Here’s the thing, this approach creates a sense of “fear of missing out” in people and stirs their interest in future events.

Example 1  Example 2   Example 3

25. Share Your Latest accomplishments

There is no shame in celebrating your accomplishments more so in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. Achieved a milestone? Share it. Share your victories with your audience by any means possible across social media – an award, a record-breaking achievement, a significant project completion.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

26. Talk About Your Company’s History

Every brand has a unique story and social media provides an excellent platform to share it. Use imagery and storytelling to create posts that can take your audience on a captivating journey through the annals of time. Pro Tip: Unearth and utilize hidden gems from your archives – vintage photos, historical anecdotes, or even past product iterations to add depth to your narrative and content.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Post About Current events

27. Talk About an Event You Will Attend

Get your audience hyped by spilling the beans on the next big event you’ll be rocking, teasing them with tantalizing tidbits and images of hats in store.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

28. Share a Holiday-themed Post

Spread holiday cheer far and wide with a merry-themed post that’s bursting with seasonal spirit, sprinkling joy and goodwill throughout your feed.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

29. Share a Special-day Post

As the name implies, create a post that shines a spotlight on a special day close to your heart or relevant to your audience or business – using it to celebrate the occasion with flair and panache.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

30. Promote an Event You Are Hosting

Ignite excitement and RSVPs galore by rolling out the red carpet for the event you’re hosting, promising an unforgettable experience that’ll leave attendees raving. Musts: event details – date, time, venue.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

31. Share a Daily Hashtag Post

What is it?

A daily hashtag post is a social media strategy to leverage trending or relevant hashtags to boost engagement. You find a trending hashtag, craft content related to it (txt, image, video), include the hashtag prominently, and then spark conversation by asking questions or responding to comments. This will help increase reach for your content, attract interested audiences, and can help inspire new content ideas.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

32. Write About a Trending Topic

Join the buzz and break down the hottest topic with insightful analysis, captivating storytelling, and a dash of your signature flair. The trick: be authentic, entertaining, and offer value.

Example 1 Example 2

Posts That Demonstrate Your expertise

33. Share a Time Saving Tip

This is straightforward – aim to share a tip that’ll have your audience thanking their lucky stars for stumbling upon your post, saving them precious minutes in their daily grind.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

34. Share Interesting Infographics

Illuminate the minds of your followers with a visually stunning infographic that distills complex concepts into digestible nuggets of wisdom.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

35. Review a Product Or Service

Offer an honest and insightful review of a product or service that showcases your expertise and helps your audience make informed decisions with confidence.

Example 1 Example 2 

36. Share a Productivity Hack

Arm your audience with information that can turbocharge their efficiency and turn their to-do lists into triumphs. This could be a tip, tutorial, recommendation and more.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

37. Share a Money Saving Tip

Drop a dime on a tip that can help people cut costs or get a bargain. Anything That can legally help the reader stretch their dollars further and unlock hidden savings is welcomed irrespective of your niche.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

38. Create an Infographics

Flex your creative muscles and hip up an engaging infographic that captivates your audience’s attention while delivering valuable insights and knowledge they probably can’t find anywhere else.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

39. Talk About Common Mistakes People Make

Create posts that shine a light on pitfalls plaguing a lot of people and guide them away towards smoother sailing in their endeavors. This is the opportunity to demonstrate empathy and come across as a tested ally.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

40. Run A “One Day In The Life Of…” Posts

Carry your audience along in an immersive journey into the hustle and bustle of a day in your life, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses and insider insights that showcase your expertise and human touch in action.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Fun Posts

41. Post a Funny Photo or Video of You Recently Liked

Little or no creative effort is required on your part here. Got a side-splitting photo or video that had you doubled over with laughter? Share this to spread joy and good vibes across your feed.

Example 1 Example 2   

42. Share a Fill In The Blank” Post

Use this post to ramp up engagement with a post that asks them to fill the void. Letting people in on the action will surely generate a flood of creativity, humor, and hilarity.


43. Share a Joke

Think you could make a career making people laugh? Then here’s your chance to crack up your followers on social media with a rib-tickling joke that’ll have them giggling uncontrollably and hitting the share button faster than you can say “knock knock.”

Example 1 Example 2   

44. Post a Meme or a Funny Gif

Inject humor and variety into your feed by posting a knee slapping funny meme or Gif that is guaranteed to elicit chuckles and LOLs from your audience.


45. Post a Fun Fact From Your Industry

Make learning fun by sharing a fact about your industry with a funny twist. You can bet many will not be able to resist sharing it with friends and colleagues.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

46. Share a Fun Story

Induce laughter with a fun-filled story that is packed with humor, hijinks, and maybe even a touch of absurdity. The gist is: if you got any story that can transport your social media followership to a world of whimsy and wonder, do share – you’ll be amazed at the response.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Generosity Posts

47. Talk About A Cause Or Charity You Support

Use your social media to promote good causes by sharing statistics, stories, and personal experiences to raise awareness about charity and organizations you passionately support.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

48. Give Away a Voucher

It’s time to spread joy with a giveaway! Simply offer your followers the chance to win a voucher for your products or services by participating in a fun contest or when they engage with your content.

Example 1 Example 2    Example 3

49. Give Your Followers a Gift

Show appreciation to your loyal followers by surprising them with exclusive discounts, freebies, or special offers as a token of gratitude for their continued support and loyalty. Note: spell out the terms and conditions in your posts.

Example 1 Example 2    Example 3

50. Host a Flash Sale

Offer limited time discounts or promotions on select items to incentivize immediate action from your followers and drive sales while generating buzz with your posts.

Example 1 Example 2    Example 3

Insiders Post

51. Share A News From Your Industry

Stay on top of the game by sharing relevant industry news with your followers: did something groundbreaking happen in your field? Is there a hot n trend that is on people’s lips? Craft posts around the topics and keep your audience in the loop. It positions you as an expert and valuable resource.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

52. Post an Interesting Articles from Your Niche

There is a wealth of fantastic content out there in your niche and to be honest there is no wisdom in keeping interesting articles to yourself. Create posts that include the links to the articles and share them with people on social media. while not a must, include a personal perspective about your share; however, always ensure to choose articles that resonate with your audience and complement your brand.

Example 1 Example 2

53. Share An Interesting Statistics Or Fact About Your Industry

Whether it is a surprising statistics or an interesting factoid, share this to educate your audience on key trends or aspects of your industry. The posts could be visual or text – just make them catchy and shareable – thus perfect for sparking conversations and boosting reach and engagement.

Example 1 Example 2

54. Interview an Expert

This is a golden opportunity to tap into a knowledge bank and offer your audience value from a fresh perspective. So, if you have any thoughts in your field, reach out and ask if they’d be up for an interview. And don’t worry if seating in front of the camera is not your or your guest’s thing – this could be a Q&A session, a podcast-style interview, or a written feature that can be shared bit-sized.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Engage Your Audience Post

55. Host a Contest

Contest can range from photo contests to caption competitions or trivia challenges so it’s something you can quickly integrate in your social media content strategy. These types of posts are great because they encourage audience creativity, participation and brand interaction which are vital ingredients to go viral on social media. Finally, offer a price relevant to your niche and establish clear participation guidelines.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

56. Acknowledge Your Fans and Thank Them for Supporting You

A well thought-out video or written post acknowledging and expressing gratitude to your followers can foster brand loyalty and make your audience feel valued. This kind of post can be in response to reaching a milestone (e.g., follower count), receiving a special recognition, or celebrating a special occasion.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

57. Share a Post from One of Your Fans

Okay, it’s time to flip the coin – and let the creativity and enthusiasm of your followers take over your feed. Basically, this is known as user-generated-content and can range from a glowing review to a heartfelt testimonial or a fan’s photo featuring your product or service. This gesture can build a sense of community among your audience.

Example 1 Example 2 

58. Interview One of Your Followers

TL;DR: Give your audience a platform to shine by featuring them in an interview. Here is the thing: Intervening loyal customers, dedicated fans, or influential followers can offer valuable insights into the general experience and perspective of your followers. Additionally (and importantly), it helps forge a deeper bond with your audience.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Photo Posts

59. Take a Picture of Your workspace

Share a snap of your workspace – maybe it’s organized or a beautiful mess – your audience might just be curious.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

60. Post a Fun Selfie

We all love a good laugh, so why not share a fun selfie? Spilled coffee on yourself? Hilarious outfit clash? Whatever the silliness, embrace it, then make a post about it. Bonus points for featuring your pet or a cooker in the goofiness.

Example 1  Example 2   Example 3

61. Share a “Sneak Peek” Photo

Have you been working on something exciting but can’t reveal all the details just yet? Tease your followers with a sneak peek photo instead! It could be a blurry glimpse, a close–up of a material, or a cryptic clue. The idea is to grab attention, get them guessing and excited about what’s to come.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Promote Your Business Posts

62. Ask Your Fans to Sign Up to Your email List

You’ve probably heard that the money is in the list – that’s still relevant today. Encourage your followers to sign up for your email list and build a community around your brand. The key element in this post is a call to action directing the browser to click on the link to the sign up page where they can enter their email. Take it further and offer a lead magnet to spur more sign-ups – just be clear with this information upfront.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

63. Talk about Your Competitive Advantage

What makes your brand unique? Don’t be shy – tell the world! Use this type of post to (humbly) brag about what sets you apart from the competition. Use compelling copy and potent visuals to drive home your point. Bottom-line: let your followers know you’re the obvious choice – they deserve the best, after all.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

64. Remind Your Followers to Buy Your Products

Let’s not forget the reason you’re in business – to sell your products (and services). Give your followers a gentle nudge with a post reminding them about your amazing selection. Highlight the benefits your products offer and the problems they solve. Make your content come across like a friendly heads up that they deserve to treat themselves (or someone special) to something awesome – in this case you offer.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

65. Share Your Company’s Success Story

Create posts that take your audience from your humble beginnings to your recent achievements. This post is a great way to show your audience that their support have helped you grow,

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

66. Mention Your Other Social Media Profiles

Something as basic as “Did you know you can find us on more platforms than just (current platform)?” The goal of this content on social media is to expand your reach by letting people know you’re active on other social media channels.

Example 1    Example 2  

67. Promote Your Product Launch

Create posts that generate buzz about your launch and direct them to your website to learn more and snag theirs before they’re gone. Use a variety of media types and formats for this purpose – be sure to include all relevant details.

Example 1    Example 2   Example 3

68. Celebrate an Important Milestones You Achieve

This could be reaching a follow count or completing a project. Whatever the milestone, express gratitude, briefly explain the achievement, and include visuals to make the post engaging.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Promote Others Posts

69. Share Someone Else’s Content

Using your platform to boost the reach of another person or business’ content is an effective approach to show support and build camaraderie. Your to-do: share their informative articles, inspiring videos, or captivating photos with your audience nurturing a culture of collaboration within your industry. Plus chances are excellent they’ll return the favor down the road.

Example 1 Example 2 

70. Feature Another expert

Create a post that highlights the wisdom and expertise of industry forerunners: this might involve hosting a space or Live sessions on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. By magnifying their health of knowledge and experience through your platform you enrich your audience and broaden your professional network with a single stroke.

Example 1 Example 2  

Promote Your Content Posts

71. Share A New Article Or Blog Post You Created

Have you recently published a blog post or article that fills you with pride? Don’t keep it to yourself – shout it from the virtual rooftops! Make a compelling social media post to promote your work with emphasis on its key takeaways or benefits for your readers. Of course, include the link with a call to action prompting readers to click on it for more.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

72. Re-share or Repurpose Some of Your Older and Evergreen Content

Know this: not all content loses its sparkle over time. So, do you have older blog posts, photos, articles or any relevant content that are still valuable to your audience? Give them a new life on social media by transforming them into captivating infographics, short videos, carousels, or even have them rewritten as fresh social media posts.

73. Share a Press Release You Have

Give your press release statement more mileage by bringing the gist to social media – use concise and engaging captions to highlight key points and include a link to the full press release.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

74. Remind Your Followers About Your Blog

Sometimes, a gentle reminder is all it takes. Subtly nudge your followers back to your blog by sharing a post that sparks curiosity, recaps major talking points, or discusses a notable takeaway. Also, you could tease an upcoming article, share a profound quote from a recent blog post, or pose a question related to a blog topic.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

75. Use Insights and Analytics and Re-share Your Top Performing Posts

Take advantage of the insights and analytic tools offered by most social media platforms to double down on posts that perform exceptionally well. The task is to simply re-share them with your audience again – with or without additional captions. This is a data driven strategy that ensures you’re promoting content that your audience truly “gets.”

Introduce Your Team Posts

76. Introduce a New Employee To Your Audience

Welcome and introduce a new staff to the fold with a post that shares a fun fact or to. You can also use this opportunity to state their area of expertise, and maybe share a funny experience about their onboarding. What do you stand to gain? This personal touch gives your business a human face and helps people to connect with the brand.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

77. Feature One of Your Team Members

Social media is like a playground – everyone can have fun – and what better way than letting the world know your brand and business is one big family affair when you feature one of your staff. The post could be a highlight of their achievement or contributions, an interview, co-hosted live sessions, or a video reel that discusses their background or project.

Example 1 Example 2  

78. Let Your Fans Know You’re Looking For a New Team Member

With the help of social media you can become an ultimate recruiter – without extra cost. A post announcing your open position and the requirements could cut it. In addition to attracting potential candidates it shows your audiences you’re a growing and a dynamic brand.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

79. Post a Photo Showing Your Company Culture

Company culture is more than just ping pong tables and free snacks (although those are nice too). Give your followers a peek into your work environment with photo reels that showcase positive work culture – for instance, team meetings with lots of smiling faces, a fun corporate social responsibility activity, or a group photo where everyone looks happy and engaged.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

80. Post a Team-Building Photo

Posting a photo of your team participating in a team-building activity can send the right signal to the best talents in your industry and other partners that your company is the right place to be or collaborate with. So get your cameras ready and capture that company retreat or whatever team building activities you have lined up.

Example 1 Example 2  

Share The Real You

81. Talk About Your Goals

Keep the following in mind: Talking about your dreams not only motivates you but it can also inspire others. Use your social media handles to talk about your long term goals and what you’re currently doing to achieve that for a breath of fresh air on your timeline.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

82. Tell People How You Got Started

Every successful journey starts somewhere – let your social media audience know how yours started. Include how you overcome challenges, the unexpected paths you took and everything in between. Sharing your origin story gives people one more reason to appreciate your hard work – which can also help them overcome price objections.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

83. Talk About Your Hobby Or Passion

What hobbies or passions bring you joy? Spill it on your timeline appropriately. Accompany stunning photos or videos with storytelling and share these with your audience. You might discover you have something in common with many followers or you might just be the inspiration they need to get started on their passions.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

84. Share A Pearl Of Wisdom You Learned The Hard Way

What are some valuable lessons from a past experience, even failure you’ve learned? Share these as captions, videos, or host a Live to discuss them. Life throws us all curveballs – your vulnerability will make you come across as authentic and relatable which will resonate with others.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

85. Share Your Usual Daily Routine

Offer a glimpse into your typical day, but with a creative twist – rather than a straight-up play-by-play, focus on the interesting and relevant aspects plus challenges you face.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

86. Talk About a Failure and That You Learned From It

Let’s be honest – failure is part of life – and your audience can relate. So have you any lessons you gleaned from your past failure(s)? Bring them to the front burner and share those nuggets of wisdom with your social media family. The upside to this is that it can motivate someone to step up from their setbacks as well as demonstrate that you aren’t afraid to be real – a factor that can sell you to people.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

87. Talk About One of Your Trips

Post captivating photos and tell stories about the places you visited and the things you learned plus the new friends you made.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

88. Post About Your Values

Share the core values that guide your life and your work – this would create another level of transparency that will allow your audience to get a glimpse of what motivates you.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

89. Share Something You Want to Achieve Before the Age of…

This post can be a laid back way to spark a convo and inspire those looking up to you when you share life targets you’d like to meet before a certain age.

Example 1 Example 2  

Uplift and Inspire Type Post

90. Post an Inspirational quote

No, you don’t need to spend hours in the library – it can be a classic saying, a one liner from a book, movie, parent, or a song lyric. There are no hard rules – just keep it relevant and appropriate.

Example 1    Example 2    Example 3

91. Share a Success Story That Inspired You

When you come across a tale of triumph over adversity or achievement, to your timeline or feed so your audience can be motivated and inspired to chase their dreams.

Example 1 Example 2 

92. Describe How to Overcome a Problem

Offer your audience some practical tips or strategies for overcoming challenges common to all or particular to your niche. This helpful content will position you as a resource and it shows you care about their interest and wellbeing.

Example 1 Example 2   

93. Talk About Someone That Inspired You

Who are the people that inspired you to be a better version of yourself? This could be a historical figure, a family member, mentor, or friend. The whole point of this post is to share the role they played and add a bit of a life lesson to go with it.

Example 1 Example 2 

94. Post About Something Positive You experienced

Do not underestimate how the smallest positive story can make someone’s day – use your social media handle to share good cheer. Yet again, start noticing the “little things” a random act of kindness and bring the gist to your followers to appreciate.

Example 1   Example 2 

Share Useful Content

95. Post a “How-to” Article or Tutorial

So, if there’s anything you are particularly good at that will benefit your audience, it’s time you create a guide you can share with people via social media. Don’t worry if you have nothing to create, simply share the link to a relevant tutorial from another source but remember to give credit to the author.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

96. Share a Useful Resource or Tool Your Followers Might Like

There’s a ton of tools and resources available that would make a difference in the lives of your audience they probably don’t know of. Create social media posts that introduce your followers to these gems.

Example 1 Example 2  

97. Share an Interesting Pinterest Pin

Pinterest houses rich visual content that your followers might find useful – when you find such a pin, do your audience the favor by sharing it on your feed. Just be sure to credit the original source and keep the content on brand.

Example 1 Example 2   

98. Recommend a Useful Mobile App

Mobile apps can be incredibly useful for a variety of purposes. And if by chance you have any that’s been a lifesaver, recommend it to your audience.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

Helpful Video Posts

99. Share a “How-to” Video

Take your “how-to” content to the next level with a video tutorial. Visually demonstrate a step-by-step process or guide your audience through a task in a clear and engaging way. Yet again, you can share the video content of other creators so the excuse: “but I don’t have anything I can make a video tutorial about” is void.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

100. Shoot an “Unboxing” Video

Unboxing videos can be surprisingly fun and informative and if it is relevant to your brand, by all means film yourself unpacking new products and share first impressions. Go a step further to highlight notable features and benefits while showcasing the product in action (if possible).

Example 1   Example 2  Example 3

101. Share a “Behind the Scenes” Video

People love a peek behind the scenes – create a video that does just that. This could be related to your workspace, production process, or team culture.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

102. Create a Themed Video

Is there a specific theme or trend happening in your industry? Create a video that jumps on the bandwagon. For example: a holiday themed video, a challenge video on a revving trend, or a special celebration.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

103. Post a Video Walkthrough of Your Company/Facility/Product

Become the tour guide for your followers and take them on a virtual tour of your premises showcasing the amenities, staff at work, the ambience and the likes. This type of social media content is great for connecting with a geographically dispersed audience.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

104. Post a Review Video

Provide an honest opinion on a product or service and capture this on video. Be objective- capture the pros and cons in non-ambiguous language with the sole aim of helping the viewer.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

105. Share a Testimonial From Your Client

Let your satisfied customers sing your praises by featuring the video testimonial from a satisfied client who can speak of the value you provide and how helpful your product or service has impacted their lives.

Example 1 Example 2   Example 3

106. Post a Live Video

Host a live season to connect with your audience in real time. Use the avenue to answer questions, address comments, or even conduct a live demonstration. It is interactive and can potentially garner plenty of engagement and reach.

Example 1 Example 2  

107. Share a Sneak Peak Video

Create a video that reveals just a little to stir curiosity in the viewer. Use this to generate interest and excitement about a new product, upcoming project, or event.

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‘What I like’ Type Posts

108. Share Your Favorite Blogger

If you’re fond of a blog that delivers valuable content consistently you can post about them on your social media handle(s). Basically, give a shout out to the blogger you admire and go further to write a caption about the specific post you found particularly helpful or turned you into their fan.

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109. Talk About Your Favorite Podcast

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn and stay entertained on the go – and you can bet your audience wouldn’t mind you sharing those you listen to religiously. Do well to go beyond the surface – highlight the topics the podcasts cover and why you enjoy it.

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110. Mention Your Favorite YouTube Channel

YouTube is a treasure trove of information and entertainment many people have still not caught up on – be the hero that introduces them to a whole new world of video content. Must do: share the link to the channel and state what they do best and why your audience might find it valuable.

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111. Talk About a Book You Are Reading

Engrossed in a book you just can’t put down? Draw the attention of people to it via your social media accounts. As part of the drill, share the title, author, and why you’re hooked. You never can tell how many people you’ll inspire to pick up a new read and spark a conversation.

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112. Share Your Favorite Tool or a Resource

If you have a favorite tool or resource that has truly impressed you, give it a shoutout on your timeline. Talk about why you love it and practical ways it has made life or work easier for you.

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113. Mention Your Favorite Music Channel Or a Band

Don’t keep the sounds that inspire, uplift, or relax you to your ears alone. That said, post about your favorite song, band or even share their links on your profile. Don’t be afraid if your taste in music will be judged – rather see it as an opportunity for further engagement and connection with people on the digital landscape.

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114. Talk About Your Favorite Entrepreneurs Or Role Model

One of the best ways to inspire others is to beam the light on the life and achievements of a successful person. The good thing is you don’t have to know them up close – you can share just a snippet of something you heard over the news or read that motivates you with your followers.

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Use Daily Evergreen Hashtags

The following hashtags can help you maintain a constant visibility and relevance overtime ensuring your content reaches a wider audience and remains discoverable beyond trending topics. Examples are:







Bonus Points To Keep In Mind

Do Not Post Anything

Yes, you read that right.: there are moments when strategically “keeping mum” on social media is a smart move. Here are some situations:

  • You have nothing valuable or interesting to offer your audience – it is better to wait than post generic or irrelevant content.
  • Taking a calculated break to prevent social media overload.
  • Timeout to create high-quality content.

Truth is: there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer – the above pointers can help decide whether a break from social media is the best course of action.

The Takeaway

This guide has hopefully served as a wide and eclectic range of social media content ideas ready to fill your content calendars for weeks to come. However, remember, these are only springboards – launching pads to propel your unique voice and creativity. Don’t get bogged down in replicating everything you see here. The imperative now is action: you now have a brimming well of inspiration to draw from, so get to work – we’ll be rooting for you!