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Realtor Social Media Posts: A to Z guide with 26 examples

With these ingenious social media posts (and expert analysis), realtors can get clients for their business, minimizing the need for extensive lead-chasing efforts.

“What should I post on social media to reel in more buyers and sellers,” you ask?

This article will include a treasure trove of inspiration, free complementary resources, and best practices for seamless execution suitable for either your personal implementation or delegation to a team member.

But first off…

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Why Should Realtors Embrace Social Media? Check these numbers

Social media closely trails word-of-mouth in its potential to amplify connections and drive leads for realtors.

This is not a fly-by-night trend. It is the pulse of the modern market.

  • According to a National association of Realtors’ (NAR) “Profile Of Home Buyers And Sellers,47% of home buyers embark on their journey through digital corridors of the internet. An overwhelming majority will traverse socialplatforms including Facebook, instagram, Twitter (now X), in their quest for the perfect abode as against a meager 18% who consider real estate agents.
  • A significant 52% of realtors regard social media as their primary tool for securing A-list leads. 
  • A Technology Survey by NAR revealed that 46% of realtors acknowledged the supremacy of social media in bringing in quality leads. Better than Local marketing (30%), CRM (26%), digital ads (26%), email marketing (19%), personal website and blogs (16%), list aggregator sites (16%).

The reason is not far-fetched either:

As per National association of Realtors’ (NAR)…

Millennials comprise a significant portion of homebuyers – 25% to be exact and coupled with the fact that majority of them are active on social media platforms, the correlation becomes clear.

In the face of such compelling evidence, it is not a question of “should” realtors use social media? It is a resounding call to action. And 80% of agents are already poised to amplify their presence on various social media sites, shifting the battleground for success from physical to digital. In a nutshell, the time to embrace social media is now!

Elements of High-Performing Social Media Posts for Real Estate Agents

Realtors must realize they do not need to reinvent the wheel to create winning social media posts.

Lessons learned from seasoned social media pros provide a good template for posts that lead straight into the hearts of your audience. These are the essentials:

  1. Clear Objective. Before you “put pen to paper” let alone hit that “post” button, ask yourself: What’s the purpose behind your message? Are you aiming to inform, entertain, inspire, or perhaps promote a specific property or service? Clarify your objective upfront to ensure your posts remain focused and resonate with your audience.
  2. Know Your Audience. Take the time to get inside the minds of your potential clients. Figure their aspirations, concerns, and pain points. How? Use online surveys, ask your prospects questions, gather open source intelligence from forums and comment sections of competitors’ social media pages are easy starters.
  3. Compelling Visual. The online space is marked by fleeting attention spans, with some sources suggesting durations as brief as 8 seconds. This makes the imperative of captivating visuals paramount. Agents must showcase properties with images that leap off the screen, evoking emotions and stirring desires. 

Draw inspiration from the image of a property listed by Michelle Thomas on X:


image of a listed property with stunning view used for social media posts for realtors


Here’s your to-do:

  • Invest in professional photography or videography to showcase your properties in the best possible light to instantly draw browsers’ attention.
  • Incorporate local imagery.
  • Use lifestyle shots to evoke emotion and transform a contemplative browser into a lead.

4. Engaging Copy. If visuals act as the storefront window, what sets one storefront from the rest? It is the story behind the facade, the narrative that captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.

The trick is to make every word count:

  • Start with attention grabbing headlines (or hooks, as favored by some industry experts) that pique curiosity and entice people to stop the scroll and read more. For example: “Home Seekers alert!” or “Something Special for You.”
  • Use emotive language, imagery, and storytelling techniques. And if it is a post that depicts a property, feature or service, refrain from merely listing features: instead, articulate the benefits that these offerings can provide the reader.

“Step outside onto a sprawling deck and be greeted by a panoramic view of rolling hills and lush greenery – a canvas of tranquility that whispers promises of peaceful moments and cherished memories.”

5. A call-to-action. Every great post should have a succinct and compelling phrase or sentence that encourages your audience to take the next step. Keep in mind your reason on social media – be it driving traffic to a website or an offer (landing page), or urging people to contact you.

Here’s a post that uses CTA excellently well:

social media post with great call to action


Mistake to avoid: Don’t be sloppy with your grammar and spelling. It screams unprofessionalism.

  1. Consistency. Let cut to the chase – consistent daily presence trumps perfection. Keep it simple and check the following boxes: consistent tone, branding, style, posting schedule, etc. Pro Tip: Utilize social media management tools to schedule and plan your content distribution in advance, ensuring constituency.
  2. Relevance. The most impactful social media posts align with trending conversations within both the industry and community. The property business is not an exception to this rule. Keep your finger on the pulse of current events, trends, and topics that matter to your audience.
  3. Value Addition. To cut through the noise in the digital landscape, the value that people can “feel” and “get” always wins. Need ideas? Share expert advice, insider tips, latest insights and the likes. But there’s a catch – double-check that your content is unique, entertaining, and genuinely actionable.
  4. Interaction and Engagement: This element is exemplified by the practices of one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Elon Musk. Musk’s approach inspires a two-way conversation on his X posts encouraging active participation and engagement. Realtors can borrow a leaf from Elons page and go beyond the glossy veneer of professionalism and show the human side of their business. Meaning:
  • Respond promptly to comments, messages, and mentions, and make efforts to establish personal connection.

Bonus: Reputable social media platforms tend to favor this approach rewarding such posts with increased reach.

Tool Recommendation: Use a social media monitoring tool to track your mentions and give yourself the chance for a timely response.

  1. Strategic Timing. Borrow from ancient wisdom – strike while the iron is hot. Whether it is posting during peak hours or capitalizing on trending topics, strategic timing guarantees that posts reach their intended audience when they are most receptive. What are some of the best times a realtor can post across social media? Let’s look to Hootsuite, the giants in social media management tools, for answers:

“Generally, the best time to post on social media overall is 9:00 AM PST (12:00 PM EST) on Mondays. But every network has its own sweet spot.

The best time to post on Facebook is 10:00 AM PST on Mondays.

The best time to post on Instagram is 9:00 AM PST on Mondays.

The best time to post on Twitter is 9:00 AM PST on Fridays.

The best time to post on LinkedIn is 1:00 PM PST on Mondays.

The best time to post on TikTok is 1:00 PM PST on Sundays.”


  1. Play by the Rules. Rules are crucial on two fronts: first, the platform’s internal guidelines and secondly, the regulations overseeing agents and real estate advertising on social media. Ensure you are well-versed in fair housing laws, disclosure mandates, and platform-specific policies to sidestep any legal pitfalls or penalties.
  2. Experimentation and Analysis. Understand this: a killer social media post today might not suffice tomorrow. So what’s the way out? Top tier marketers’ solution lies in adopting a mindset or perpetual experimentation and iteration.


Examples of best performing Social Media Posts for Realtors

You know what is even better than posts that give you inspiration? It is when they double as practical templates ready to fill your social media content calendars.

Let’s dive in:

Social Media Posts for Realtors

What Makes them Effective: Property marketing pots are persuasive and appeal to the innate desires of potential clients by presenting compelling visuals and information that spark interest and drive action.

Pro Tip: If you are not confident in your skills, invest in professions like graphic designers and copywriters.

Mistake to Avoid: Do not go for the hard sell because chances are most people that will see your post don’t know and trust you yet. Instead, aim to be  a solution provider – a trusted resource who is about their audience’s best interest.

26 High-Impact, Low-Effort Social Media Posts for Realtors to Guarantee Engagement and Lead Generation

1. New Listing Announcements Posts

These types of posts should capture attention with visuals and compelling copy that speaks of the unique specs of the property. Include essential details such as location, size, and amenities to pique interest and encourage further exploration.


New Listing Announcements Posts On X


2. Virtual Tours

Remember the feeling of excitement as a young kid on a day out? It was palpable right? Well, virtual tours are like that, but even better. They can replicate the same sense of adventure and discovery all from the comfort of your audiences screens. Take your audience on a captivating journey of the property, highlighting its layout, design, and potential. It doesn’t end there: your post should encourage engagement by inviting viewers to ask questions, drop comments, and tag their family and friends.

Impact: Helps attract more qualified leads, streamline the buying and selling process, and provide a memorable and engaging experience for your audience.

3. Video Property Guides

Create effective video walkthroughs showcasing a property’s attributes and perks with as short as 15 seconds videos. Additional narration or commentary can provide context, editing techniques such as trimming the footage and adding transitions and effects enhance the viewing experience.



When distributing video walkthroughs, it is best to associate them directly with property listings. TikTok, Instagram, Reels, and YouTube shorts should be your frontline distribution channels for these types of posts. But don’t forget old reliables like Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.

Pro Tip: Incorporate drone footage to stand out. With drone technology you can showcase unique perspectives and draw attention to qualities that traditional ground-level shots simply can’t capture.

4. Open House Invitations

The objective of this post type is simple: create buzz with eye catching invitations that stand out in the crowded social media feeds. Share enticing details about the event such as refreshments, giveaways, or exclusive previews to lure potential buyers to attend. And of course, ascertain all the essential details – including dates, time, and location are front and center for easy reference just like in the image below.

screenshot example of an open house invitation posted by a realtor on social media


5. Property Highlight

Your mission: Emphasize the standout details of a property using visuals and copy to capture the attention of interested social media users. But if you leave it to just features you are selling yourself short. Let us explain: features are like ingredients in a recipe, while benefits are the delicious meal that results. You should “sell” your readers on the benefits of the unique selling points such as stunning views, modern appliances, or spacious outdoor areas through captivating visuals and persuasive storytelling painting a vivid picture of how the property can improve the lives of potential buyers.

Take the following instagram social media post of a property highlight. The realtor is using phrases like “these units are in high demand” to inspire FOMO – “fear of missing out” in potential buyers thus spurring them to take action.


6. Client Testimonials and Success Stories

As realtors, you are no strangers to firm handshakes, but let us tell you, there is something even more powerful: real life success stories from delighted clients. Don’t hold back from creating posts that share raving reviews and testimonials as well as case studies that shout out your expertise and dedication to making dreams come true. Make those posts your own by accentuating the hurdles you faced with the client and how you bulldozed them down, proving you are not just a realtor, but a trusted ally in the real estate process.



Pro Tip: Encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences in their words. However, secure permission from clients.

Impact: Increased confidence and trust in your brand, higher conversion rates, and stronger reputation within the market.

Next, consider an example of a video post of a realtor’s success story on X. The short clip not only showcased the achievement but also includes text overlaying key detail of the industrial property, making it informative and engaging for viewers.



7. Price Reduction Special Offers

These posts are not rocket science: if you have limited-time discounts on any property, share them on social media.

Do: Emphasize on the time-sensitive nature of savings and benefits to spur immediate action.

Don’t: Avoid misleading or unclear terms and conditions.

Check out this post. They’re cranking up with urgency with phrases like “HOT Deals” and “COOL SAVINGS” to entice prospects to act.



Behind-the-scenes (BTS) Social Media Posts for Realtors

What Makes them Effective: It cultivates inclusivity among your audience as well as nurtures trust and brand loyalty.

Pro Tip: Share exclusive information not readily available elsewhere.

Mistake to Avoid: Being overly promotional or scripted.

8. Showcase Your Real Estate Journey

Prospective clients are probably wondering what happens behind closed doors in the world of real estate. Realtors can use social media to pull back the curtain and give them an exclusive look at the journey. Share BTS photos, videos, or even snippets of your properties coming to life. You can also share staging sessions, client meetings, and everything in between that happens under the hood. However, be sure you are not breaching any disclosure agrrement or data privacy rule.

Impact: You build transparency and trust. Plus, it showcases your expertise and attention to detail resulting in thought-leadership status.

9. Spotlight the Team Behind Your Operation

Whether it is a charismatic buyers agent, detailed oriented admin assistant or the marketing guy who crafts compelling listings, real estate professionals will benefit from posts that introduce their team to their audience using engaging profiles and fun anecdotes.

The instagram post welcoming a new realtor to the team serves as a prime example.



What I like about the post above: The image effectively uses a laid back photo of the new employee to tap into the casual nature of social media users would come to expect to set a tone for future interactions and engagement.

Impact: What these posts achieve is humanizing your practice and the outcome includes an increased sense of connection with your audience.

“But I run a solo practice” No problem. Bring into focus your profile. Below is an example you should strive to recreate:



Points to note: The smiling photo of the realtor in “work attire” and bulleted lists of compelling stats and figures of their achievement communicates her expertise effectively.

10. Leverage Personal Stories to Forge Meaningful Bonds

Next time you are stuck staring at a blank screen, simply share a personal experience. It does not have to be about business – it could be relationships, health, finance, sports. A word of caution though: avoid sharing information that can put your business and loved ones in danger.

That said, by strategically showcasing your human side, yor can combat stigma, foster empathy, and build a community of fans.

Impact: It inspires followership and brand loyalty.


Social Media Posts for Realtors that Inspire Action Through Motivation


What Makes them Effective: These posts inspire and resonate with your audience, sparking engagement and motivation.

Pro Tip: Curate ONLY content that resonates with your audience.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t come across as “salesy.”

11. Fuel Engagement and Motivation with Quotes

Inject some inspiration into your social media feed by sharing motivational words from industry leaders, timeless wisdom about homeownership, or uplifting messages to start the day. Enhance their impact by pairing them with eye-catching graphics or share them alongside captivating photos of your properties.



Impact: It will uplift and motivate your audience as well as foster engagement and expand your online reach.

12. Before-and-After Makeovers

Showcase the incredible results of home makeovers and renovations. For example, a dated kitchen turned into a modern culinary oasis or a neglected backyard transformed into a serene outdoor retreat. This type of post speaks volumes about the transformative power of your expertise.



With a side-by-side layout of before and after photos, you can communicate the transformation succinctly and effectively. One more thing: minimize unnecessary clutter and focus solely on the visual impact.

Impact: It will inspire action and help generate interest in your business.


Social Media Posts for Realtors that Drive Interactions with Strategic Engagement Techniques


What Makes them Effective: Posts in this category encourage audience participation providing valuable feedback and insights that inform better decisions.

Pro Tip: Keep these posts short, simple, and relevant to your audience’s interest to maximize participation and response rates.

Mista to Avoid: Don’t use them solely for promotional purposes: focus on creating meaningful interactions and gathering insights. Also, do not neglect to follow up with participants after the interactive session ends: continue the conversation and nurture relationships beyond the initial touch point.

13. Host Live Q&A Session

Use interactive livestreams on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or X to host “Ask-me-anything” sessions where your people can ask questions and get real-time answers from you.

Now here’s an interesting example:



Impact: It drives engagement and builds thought leadership.

14. Poll Your audience: Capture Feedback and Interest

To engage your audience effectively it is essential to go beyond broadcasting messages. Invite them into the conversation. And this is where polling shines through. Pose questions related to their real estate preferences, lifestyle aspirations, or even current market trends. Among other things, your goal is to seek their input and gather valuable feedback while demonstrating that you value their opinions.



Impact:  Used wisely, it can inspire personalized Marketing strategies leading to stronger connections, increased trusts and ultimately higher client satisfaction.

15. Ignite Excitement with Contests

Here are some ideas: a photo contest featuring best home decor ideas or a giveaway for a free home staging consultation.


What can we glean from this post?

  • Including a photo of the realtor adds a personal touch and builds trust with the audience.
  • From entry requirements to prize details, every aspect is communicated upfront, leaving no room for confusion.

At its core, realtors should use this kind of post to encourage participation from their audience as well as support a social course.

Finally, do not forget to promote your contents and encourage participants to share with their networks.

Impact: It amplifies brand visibility and potential leads for the realtor.


Social Media Posts that establish Local Expertise and Position Realtors as the Go-To


What Makes them Effective: They build credibility and trust with potential clients seeking reliable guidance and information within a community

Pro Tip: Feature local landmarks, share unique insider knowledge, and content surrounding community events.

Mistake to Avoid: Don’t focus solely on property listings. Rather, create content that celebrates the lifestyle and culture of the area.

16. Showcase the Best of Your Locale

You have no excuse when it comes to these post types. From trendy cafes to nature’s delight, give your audience a taste of what makes your locale special.

Impact: It will attract potential buyers who are eager to become part of that community.

17. Engage Audiences with Content of Local Events

You know the benefits of networking at local events, now it’s time you showcase them on social media. So when next you participate in a community event – be it a sports event or charity, document your appearance and role through photos, videos, and notes. Then share these appropriately with your social media community.

Impact: It positions you as a trusted advisor and resource for all things real estate in the area which can lead to future business opportunities.


Educational Social Media Posts for Realtors


What Makes them Effective: This content category demonstrates expertise leading to increased credibility and trust with your audience.

Pro Tip: Address pain points and questions your audience may have. Offer practical tips and  insights to help them navigate them.

Mistake to Avoid: Dot overwhelm your audience with technical jargon or overly complex explanations – keep your content clear, concise, and easy to understand using their language.

18. Tips for Buyers and Sellers

When it comes to real estate decisions, knowledge is invaluable – something your audience will by all means like and share. Here’s what to do: arm potential buyers or sellers with essential tips and advice to navigate the process with confidence.

Lets delve into this compelling example of an educational social media post that demonstrates a savvy approach by the realtor who used slides to educate property owners on the worth of their assets.


Impact: It helps build credibility ultimately improving your reputation and positioning you for business opportunities.


19. Timely Industry News or Insights to Keep Your Audience Informed

The average person will struggle to keep abreast with the ever evolving world of real estate. Create posts geared towards addressing this issue. For instance: changes in housing trends, updates on local regulations, or expert analysis of emerging opportunities.

Impact: It establishes thought leadership.

20. Common Mistakes to Avoid Posts

Without much ado, address common mistakes made by people when selling or buying properties. This kind of post exemplifies the art of empathy-driven marketing because it demonstrates an acute understanding of possible needs and challenges your audience is facing.



Impact: It provides value and builds trust, laying the foundation for potential long-term relationships with people in need of expert guidance in the real estate market.

21. Homeowner Hacks

Share practical maintenance tips to help property owners enhance the value and enjoyment of the property. From DIY improvement projects to seasonal maintenance checklists, provide actionable advice that will empower someone on the timeline to preserve their cherished possession.

A prime example:


What the realtor did best in the post above: Choosing to discuss a single hack paired with a shareable image, the achieve multiple objectives. One, the topic discussed is valuable so they position themselves as an expert in the field. Two, using a photo of themselves in the image humanized the brand. Finally, the branding elements including contact details enhances the realtor’s presence across the web.

Impact: Builds trust and rapport with prospects and clients alike.

22. Myth Busters

Use the opportunity to dispel myths or clarify misconceptions on a number of real estate subjects – from housing markets, real estate investment to the buying process and so on.

Here are few good examples:






Pro Tip: Use a clear and empathetic tone to address wrongly held beliefs using facts and data to support your explanation.

Impact: Enhances credibility, increases reach, and improves understanding between agent and prospects reducing potential issues in future business dealings.

23. Address FAQs

You are not a stranger to a myriad of questions and concerns when you introduce yourself as a real estate professional in your day to day interactions. You can be sure you won’t escape this online too. We encourage you to be proactive and share content that addresses common questions you get in real life and those online.

Mistake to Avoid: Do not belittle or dismiss your audience’s concerns or questions.


Social Media Posts Based on Strategic Collaboration and Partnerships


What Makes them Effective: Collaborations and partnerships showcase your connections and expertise to  your primary audience and a secondary closely related audience. Collaborate with other experts, celebrities, or businesses and share the moment or experience on social media.

Pro Tip: seek out partnerships with complementary businesses and organizations that share your values and have a relatively active following.

Mistake to avoid: Partnerships that feel forced or insincere.

24. Leverage Alliances for Mutual Benefit

Picture this: As a realtor you can partner with insurance agents to host X space, Facebook Live, etc. where you share expert advice and industry insights with your audience or that of your ally. The result? You get to diversify your content and also provide value to your followers. At the same time your business is exposed to a new audience.

Impact: It enriches your content offerings and attracts a broader audience of potential clients.


Real Estate Social Media Posts that Capitalize on Seasonal Opportunities


What Makes them Effective: They capitalize on seasonal buzz to engage the audience and drive excitement and interest to the realtors business.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead and create seasonal content in line with your audiences seasonal preferences and activities.

Mistake to Avoid: Focus on creating content that makes life easier for people and not gimmicks.

25. Posts that Provide Festive Inspiration

As a realtor you have a unique opportunity to inspire your audience with creative ideas for seasonal decor. It could be cozy fall accents or festive winter wonderland – the idea is to share tips and inspiration to help property owners transform their spaces for the season.

Impact: This post will enhance engagement, build goodwill, and expand reach which will likely lead to leads down the road.

26. Spread Holiday Cheer

Take the foot off the pedal and get into the groove of the season with posts that show your appreciation to clients and prospects.



Impact: Builds brand loyalty.



Using social media to drive business growth for realtors presents a notable challenge, but it is far from a fatal decision – rather, an imperative in the modern age. That said, success in this endeavor hinges on consistent effort – regular posting is key. And real estate professionals who grasp this concept and take proactive steps to implement proven strategies with urgency stand to thrive. While this post sets the stage – providing you with a curated list of social media posts, the next move is yours. It’s time to take action!